A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There is always a thief and a grumpy old man

Neverending tale about little mute fox, who apper to be Slipper, a thief. As always, the threat looms over the kingdom. This time, it's a lots of golden coins. Save the world or just feed your family - today it doesn't really matter. Grab your trusty green sack and become one of the famous ghostlike invisibles of the world !


Little stealth-like game. Some kind of platformer, where you accomplish tasks by stealing gold. Take coins and jewelry from chests and jars, and bring them to "the Green Sack". When there is no gold left -- you've complete your task. The more gold your foxy is carrying, the slowier it is. But watch out for grandpas !


  • Arrows -- movement (Hit up twice to double jump)
  • Mouse -- interface interaction

Made by @barsoosayque, @Leidenn, @snpefk for Ludum Dare 40 in 72 hrs.

Here lies the Source code

Install instructions

For Linux user

So, love2d is hard to distribute. Especially, on Linux machines. To run a love2d game  on Linux, you first need to install love2d. Some of the package managers can easily do this:

# Debian
$ dpkg -i love2d
# Red Hat
$ yum install love
# Ubuntu
$ apt-get install love
# Arch
$ pacman -S love

But you can always fly over this majestic website.

Also, you need love version exact or higher than 0.10.2


ATaleAboutTail_osx.zip 4 MB
ATaleAboutTail_win.zip 2 MB
ATaleAboutTail.love 111 kB


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I can't play. :( The window is taller than my screen and I can't see anything but blue.